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What will be the impact of Brexit on customers with credit and particularly those in debt collections and recoveries?

The UK woke up on Friday to the reality of Brexit. It was a surprise to many – including it emerged over the weekend many within the ‘Leave’ campaign – we are in uncharted waters. But what will be the impacts, for customers currently in arrears and the volumes of […]

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7 Recommendations for the design phase of a debt collection systems project

In a previous article one of our Lead Consultants Matt Riddall explained some of the lessons learnt during the collections implementation projects that the Arum team have worked on. I would like to explore in more detail some of the most important phases of any project, the design and build phase. You […]

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Changes afoot, a new pride in Collections and Recoveries teams

Working in collections and recoveries we have often been seen as the unloved part of the business:   Unloved by the customer – who doesn’t like being reminded to pay the bill Unloved by the business – a cost of doing business, a necessary process at best Unloved by the […]

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