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What to be aware of … setting your goals for 2018

It is starting to develop, slowly but surely, that end of year feeling. End of year parties are taking place, decorations are up and more importantly EVERYTHING now needs to be done by the end of the week. Unfortunately, the days when we would all ‘wind down’ for the holidays […]

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Benefits of a new debt collection system

2018 is expected to bring adverse economic conditions caused by rising inflation, flat earnings for many, increased interest rates and subsequently, increased consumer debt. This will squeeze living standards next year and push more people in the UK into financial difficulty. Collections and recoveries operations will be likely therefore to […]

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How to improve collections with legacy debt collection and recoveries systems

Predicting the future is tricky; you’re never quite certain what is around the corner. However, immediate past and present events do give an indication of the likely trajectory. The tumultuous events of 2016 coupled with the events of 2017, in which we saw inflation rise, the continuation of long-term stagnant […]

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Migrating to Debt Manager 9 – key questions & lessons learned

In our previous migration blogs here and here, we looked at the different factors to consider when initiating a DM9 migration plan. Whether running automated or manual procedures, and regardless of whatever form the migration approach might be in e.g. Big bang, Phased etc; it is vital to have excellent […]

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Are you experiencing any of these common technology challenges?

Core platform needs replacing? The current platform does not have the flexibility to achieve your vision for customer treatment in collections or the technology is no longer supported? Existing technology implementation project not going to plan? You are in the middle of an existing technology implementation and are nervous about […]

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