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Founder & former CEO of Telrock joins Arum as Principal Consultant and Digital Specialist 12 MAY 2021

Founder & former CEO of Telrock joins Arum as Principal Consultant and Digital Specialist

Arum is excited to announce that Russell Robinson has joined as a Principal Consultant and Digital Specialist.


Russell has been entirely focused on improving customer experience through digital transformation for the past 20 years, having completed over 100 implementations.


Having co-founded Telrock, a global technology provider of modern cloud-based collections software, in 2001, Russell went on to lead the company as CEO before the company was acquired. After two more years at Telrock serving as director of product, Russell joined industry giant FICO as managing director of FICO Customer Communications Services for the EMEA region.


Russell joins Arum with a wealth of experience, working with system vendors and creditors to achieve the best possible credit management solutions.


He commented on his appointment, “We all know it is necessary customers have intuitive digital tools to make the right financial decisions quickly, whether they are heading toward or attempting to manage out of financial difficulties. However, so many organisations proceed and struggle with digital collections. Due to this, countless organisations won't recognise the possible ROI with digital. And sadly, millions of customers and families will not set up the financial plans they should have because it was just too hard. This bothers me, as significant collections ROI can absolutely be met, furthermore, this can be achieved whilst making customers' lives easier. I have experienced it many times.


I look forward to sharing my knowledge, doing more, and continuing to learn together how we can one day make collections and other customer journeys as seamless as Deliveroo! I am excited to join the team here at Arum; great company, great people. We have much work to do!”

As a principal consultant and digital specialist, Russell will help organisations understand the needs of customers, provide intuitive UX, reduce cost to serve and increase cash collected all whilst reducing provision expenses.


Arum Director of Advisory Matt Riddall commented, “I am very pleased to welcome Russell to Arum to lead our digital excellence consulting. Russell brings experience of over 100 worldwide digital first collections and recoveries transformations. There has never been a better time to invest in digital. Russell will support clients with digital strategy, significantly improving digital designs and implementation, reducing risk, reducing time to benefits, and improving forecast ROI”

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