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Arum staying ahead of the game – part 3

Arum staying ahead of the game – part 3

In this third in a series of articles, we look at some of the key trends and solutions available in the Collections and Recoveries industry, including:

Data Solutions: Learn the data solutions developments that three major UK consumer credit reference agencies have presented to Arum to deal with customer challenges.

Speech Analytics: Using speech recognition technology to analyse customer communications, it can now enable 100% monitoring across all channels (e.g. calls, web chats, SMS, Emails, Twitter and other media) in both real-time and in batch. Learn how this technology can help with potentially identifying vulnerability and can help deliver a holistic view of the customer’s situation.

Payment Processing: Learn about the advances in Payment Processing making it easier for customers to pay with minimal information required.

Document Management: Digitalised documents have revolutionised the way that customers can apply for new credit, learn how modern collections system can now provide this and more when it comes to document management.

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Who We Are

Arum Systems Ltd (Arum) is a boutique consultancy based in London, Edinburgh and Dublin, providing independent and specialist solutions to an international, primarily blue-chip, client base in utilities, BPO and financial services sectors.

Arum’s Debt Collections and Recoveries consulting team is focused on assisting clients improve their business performance by treating the customer fairly, being compliant with legislation, improving cashflow and decreasing profit and loss account charges for bad debt. Arum’s unique vendor-independent expertise in the space includes strategy, operations, data, analytics, communications channels and very strong systems capability.

Extensive Expertise

Arum’s reputation is for working closely with clients to help them deliver success in the long term. Our culture comes from our team of strong credit management professionals who have extensive expertise plus strategic, technical, and operational experience across all areas of debt collections and recoveries. Our practitioners are able to understand our clients’ particular business challenges because many have previously held similar responsibilities.

The majority of our team have held senior roles, whether as Heads of Collections, Directors of Risk, or as senior developers and project managers on major change or migration programmes.

As well as outstanding subject matter experts in debt collection and recoveries, the Arum team possess a range of other skills and experience that add significant value to the Company and our clients.  These include multi-lingual capability and experience of working in over 50 countries.