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  • London - Thomas House, 84 Eccleston Square, London, SW1V 1PX

    Edinburgh - 23 Melville Street, Edinburgh, EH3 7PE

  • +44(0)870 383 1980

Bespoke software development

We partner with organisations to deliver bespoke software applications that align to business strategy and deliver tangible benefits.

Technical discovery

  • We gain a deeper understanding of our clients by focusing on business, user experience and technology. We immerse ourselves into our client’s operations, understand the businesses aims, marketplace and products, and highlight risk throughout our journey. This discovery phase is also used to highlight user and technical discovery, including: how is the user achieving their task? Is technology helping them do this? Are there any constraints? What are the risks?

Requirements capture and analysis

  • We dive into the detailed requirements of the project. We combine design requirements within the define stage and look at how to mitigate any technical risk, encompass visual design and estimate effort.

Bespoke software development

  • We present a fully functional piece of work for the client to use. We encourage feedback at this stage to allow room for appropriate changes. Rapid development, iterative cycles, incorporating feedback and changing priorities. We identify and recommend the level of support that is specific for each client through the go live phase and beyond. Provide functional user and technical support contracts for any application built or refreshed by Arum. All support contracts are underpinned by service desk and customer agreed SLA’s.