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Think the new Breathing Space Moratorium Legislation is the same as previous FCA regulations? Think again.

A new 60-day breathing space moratorium (which will be interest, fee and enforcement action free, in order to provide customers/residents time to access debt advice) comes into force on 4 May 2021 across all debt types and industries.

Time is running out to ensure you're compliant - contact us today to help you prepare!

Days until breathing space go live (4 May 2021)

How can we help you prepare?

We're offering the below services. Our experts are already implementing the necessary changes for clients and it's very different to anything that's come before.

We're offering you a full impact risk assessment and business readiness plan so you can avoid breaching the regulations, risking reputational damage for not treating your customers fairly, and having to deal with the anticipated increase in volumes.

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Our team has limited resource to deliver these changes, so contact us before it's too late!

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