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Florence Osakwe – Senior Analyst

Career beginnings

Whilst working towards my degree in Information Technology at Salford University, I also worked as a National Career Serving Assistant for The Growth Company, Manchester. Although I enjoyed working within my team, I was convinced that it was a temporary journey for me. Fortunately, an opportunity arose to join a work experience programme as an MI and System Analyst within the same organisation. This was my first introduction to the real world of software development and testing prior to joining Arum.

Making the move to Arum

I heard that Arum was recruiting graduate analysts through a friend, and leading up to my interview, like any other job seeker, I admit I was nervous. However, from the various interview stages right up to my induction, I realised that I had indeed made the right career choice and my confidence grew with every step. This was it, this was the place I could learn, contribute, have the flexibility I craved and be an appreciated member of the team. After a comprehensive induction, I found myself on my first client engagement with a top UK financial institution. This was it, the journey has indeed started.

My first year at Arum

Within one year of joining Arum, I have been involved in four projects supporting various stages of the software development life cycle with a list of activities not limited to; data mapping, producing specification documents and system implementation support. The opportunity to have worked in four different projects within my first year has helped me acquire a wealth of experience in a short space of time. Each project is unique with its own dynamics in terms of the people and satisfaction, as well as the reward that goes with successful delivery. I have also enjoyed the traveling that comes with the role; I have had the opportunity to work in Rosyth, Brighton, Glasgow, Chester, Edinburgh, Speke, and Manchester.

I am surrounded by a group of very positive and hardworking colleagues who are willing to go the extra mile; they are very intelligent and goal-oriented individuals who are not shy to socialise and crack a few jokes, this is refreshing and makes my job enjoyable. It also gets even better with Arum’s Health Challenge, an employee programme aimed at helping you stay active and healthy. This has been very useful, especially when working from home, and has now become a personal challenge.

What I love about working here

What I love about my role is that every project provides countless opportunities to learn and grow, I, therefore, find myself exposed to people with valuable skills and experiences from various backgrounds.

Arum is very good at creating cross-functional opportunities which encourage skill sharing with others, and this keeps me interested and motivated. Having joined with little industry experience, I have been able to scale through each project successfully because of Arum’s people and culture. Looking back over the past sixteen months, I see a massive leap in my professional abilities and knowledge base. The future is going to be exciting at Arum.

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