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James Lovell – Lead Consultant

How my career began

I grew up in South Wales and graduated from University in 2000 with a degree in Computer Studies. After university, I moved to London and joined the Logica Graduate program for a few years. I then decided it was time for a change, so I moved to Hong Kong for 6 months.

These last six years, I have worked as a contractor, mostly in Financial institutions including Barclays, TSB, Wescot and Lloyds. They were all technically focused roles, specifically around SQL Server and ETL. Within these, I worked closely with the Debt Manager on migrations, performance enhancements, data management, reconciliations & batch development, and maintenance.

Why I moved to Arum

Whilst working as an associate, I came to work with Arum in two occasions. The first time was when I helped support a post Debt Manager migration at Wescot. The second time I got to work with Arum was whilst I was supporting a Debt Manager Upgrade to DM11 at Lloyds which took around 12 months.

I found the Arum team to be experts and the "go to" people on projects. Within this time, I managed to build a good working relationship with the Arum management team which is when I decided to take on the opportunity to become a Lead Consultant at Arum.

What I love about working here

The team are very supportive of each other and are always looking to excel on behalf of the client, leaving a long-lasting impression. I hope to grow the Arum offering by providing a slightly different flavour of Arum employee and bring a more technical focus and expertise to Arum.

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