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Major UK Credit Management Organisation – Case Study

Business issue

In its on-going mission to deliver service provision improvement, the Client required up-to-date and sophisticated knowledge about its performance against a myriad of KPIs. To achieve this, managers needed live performance reports, not KPI feedback for the previous day, week or month – by then it might have been too late to take effective action.


Arum Solutions

  • Different parts of the Group’s operations relied on different systems and capabilities.  This made it difficult to identify the data required to calculate KPIs and bring them together in near real time.
  • To accomplish both situations Arum DataEye®, a performance dashboard, was installed.
  • DataEye® gathers all the key data from all the company’s systems, providing key performance indicators (KPIs) in a unified view in near real-time.

Client benefits (initial)

  • Improved Group revenue by 9%.
  • Increased efficiency and control.
  • Reduced Operational risk.
  • Loss prevention.
  • Targets achieved.
  • 16% increase in card payments.
  • 12% increase in trace productivity.
  • Group CE said: “DataEye® provides me with a dynamic and detailed knowledge of the operation.  It is powerful, galvanising and important to the strategy of our business going forward.”