Collections & Recoveries

Meeting Customer Demands – Debt Collection Agency (DCA) – Case Study

Business issue

As a DCA, the Client has to respond to and evolve with its own customer demands, balancing automation and the personal touch to stand out in the market and be efficient.

As part of its mission to continue its successful growth and quality service, the Client required implementation of two new strategies for Debt Manager (DM) ‘Disputes’ and  ‘Trace’, in order that the systems fully supported the developing business requirements


Arum Solutions

  • Produced solution documentation to support more dynamic and tailored systems and processes, in line with business requirements.
  • Deployed strategies designed to match the conditions of different client requirements
  • Best Practice recommendations for Debt Manager relating to strategy design, work queues, batch processing, etc.
  • Developed and unit tested DM code components.
  • Assisted business with User testing
  • Provided post go live support.

Client benefits (initial)

  • Helped Client join the dots of integrated solution around DM, creating an efficient, automatic configurable service
  • User friendly processes made available to the teams; creating faith in the functionality of the Debt Manager system.
  • Improved MI reporting and data quality; relevant information available at granular level.
  • Knowledge shared to enable continuous improvement in the use of Debt Manager system to its full potential.
  • Increased productivity and efficiency, supporting the business’ values.