Collections & Recoveries

Service Reputation – UK Energy Supplier – Case Study

Business issue

The client, a UK energy supplier and energy company, was embarking on implementing a new customer services vision, to become a best-in-class customer service function and build a number one service reputation.


Arum Solutions

  • Conducted a thorough Arum HealthCHECK  of  current systems and operations.
  • Identified and rated/scored gaps in existing systems capabilities.
  • Recommended the desired state of future capability for each gap.
  • Provided detailed report detailing the options of improving existing systems or replacing systems.
  • Produced a Collections Systems Vision (CSV) document analysing client’s needs and collections good practice.
  • Recommended replacing existing systems and set out the business needs to be satisfied by all systems components.

Client benefits (initial)

  • Substantial financial benefits (£Ms) – BDC and operational cost savings.
  • More effective and efficient operational performance.
  • Better customer service including TCF.
  • Reduced complaints.
  • Greater ability to cope with changes in the macro-economic environment affecting customer debt.
  • Increased employee satisfaction.
  • Better insight into collections performance enabling further improvement and the ability to feed back to other business functions.
  • Greater control of compliance and improved auditability.