Collections & Recoveries

What we do

We are an independent consultancy specialising in credit management, debt collections and recoveries. Working with our clients we advise on best practice solutions to increase collections and reduce bad debt charge, whilst improving operational efficiency.

Our vendor-independent expertise includes credit management, debt collections and recoveries strategy, operations, data & analytics, communication channels and very strong systems capability.

Our ability to deliver a complete end-to-end solution from in-house resources is unique within the UK and Ireland collections market.

We provide a flexible range of services which are tailored to suit the needs of each client and project, across the full Collections and Recoveries lifecycle.

We help businesses

  • Reduce bad debt charge
  • Increase revenues and reduce cost to collect
  • Demonstrate good conduct and customer focus
  • Exhibit best practice to customers, regulators and the rest of business
  • Support business priorities, meet operational demands, deliver on-going operational and portfolio improvement
  • Ensure operations and systems are fit for purpose
  • Use data and analytics to drive intelligent actions
  • Have highly trained ‘customer focused’ staff
  • Transform and change
  • Implement and upgrade
  • Improve the skills, knowledge and experience of the internal team
  • Get the best out of collections systems such as FICO’s Debt Manager and Experian’s Tallyman


We do this through consultancy, managed services and interim management in debt collections and recoveries operating models, strategy, operations, data, analytics and systems.

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