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Arum | Collection and Recoveries Operating Model Specialists 

Arum works with many clients to help them achieve their strategic vision in debt collections and recoveries. Our expert knowledge of credit management and debt collections processes has enabled us to develop a diagnostic approach that gets us quickly to the heart of any collections functions.

Whether it’s part of a wider information management initiative, or to simply understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business environment with a view to implementing beneficial change, Arum’s Current State Assessment (CSA) is a rapid, unbiased assessment of your current collection and recoveries capabilities, designed to drive out quick win opportunities that are achievable and will drive early value.

Ask yourself these questions; do you have time to think strategically, or are you constantly in firefighting mode? Are you balancing customer experience, regulation adherence and change, ongoing cost reductions, reputation risk, staff attrition and bad debt targets, to name a few of today’s challenges?

Arum’s Current State Assessment (CSA)

As independent specialists, our Current State Assessment (CSA) provides details around longer term recommendations that together form a roadmap that is personalised to your business. We uses tools and techniques to build a concise understanding of what and where data is in use, how it is managed, the role of systems and tools, and how business effectiveness can be affected by the information and data environment.

We will review your current collections and recoveries environment through the lens of our five capability areas:

  1. Strategy & Analytics
  2. Operational Delivery
  3. Technology
  4. Performance Management
  5. Organisation

 Why choose Arum to carry out your Current State Assessment?

Arum has a breadth of knowledge and in-depth experience in how data and information are used in your organisation. We know what good looks like and we understand the common pitfalls that businesses make so we will ensure that all our recommendations will provide best practice for you, based on your current level of sophistication and considering any constraints you may have.

Our consultants have an average of 25 years’ industry experience working with stakeholders, business leadership and third parties across the life-cycle of information management and first hand knowledge in collections and recoveries, utilities , banking and financial services.

We understand the various issues, challenges and potential solutions that businesses have to contend with and make it our business to understand the various solutions that are available in the market today. From collection systems to digital channels, decision engines to interaction analytics, we can provide an non bias opinion on what solution will work best for your business.

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You’ll also learn more about:

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Whether you’re looking to find out how you are performing against competitors or wanting to improve your collection and recoveries processes and customer experience, Arum’s Current State Assessment (CSA) will provide you with an unbiased opinion on what solution works best for your business. Contact us to speak to one of our CSA specialists and find out how we can help your business.