Collections & Recoveries

Data & Analytics

Organisations today have a wealth of data at their disposal to drive forward the business. There is internal data that is gathered from existing customers and activities along with an ever increasing number of external sources. “Best in Class” organisations are using these data sources to gain insight into their customer portfolios which allows a deeper understanding of what is more likely to happen in the future and enables appropriate actions to be taken to manage the business effectively.

In debt collections and recoveries we feel that insight from data driven analytics is key to recovering more money for less cost and doing it in a way that is fair while maintaining a good customer experience.

There are a number of standard models for impaired assets which are key analytical tools and that you utilise an assortment of mathematical modelling techniques.

    • Working with your team to enhance capability and insight from data.
    • Implement improvement opportunities from a portfolio, strategy and operational perspective.
    • Sharing our knowledge and embedding our analytic framework that enable you to continue to drive forward the business through data insight.

As vendor independent specialists in debt collections and recoveries Arum does not sell data, however we have strong knowledge of the market, experience advising procurement and can recommend data providers on a ‘best fit’ for business needs basis.

Arum will work with our clients from the initial scoping and exploration, until the strategy is embedded and benefits are being realised. An analytical approach is adopted, which includes consideration of:

  • Portfolio characteristics
  • Information level of accounts
  • Segmentation
  • Scoring
  • Contact strategy
  • Trace
  • 3rd party management optimisation

This results in a targeted, iterative strategy that is value driven. Any new approach is flexible and can be tailored to suit current working practices. Arum will provide you with the framework, tools and knowledge to develop and sustain a successful data driven business.

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