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Arum| FICO Debt Manager Specialists

Whether it’s optimising your existing FICO Debt Manager Collection and Recoveries software or implementing a new FICO Debt Manager installation, Arum provide specialist, end-to-end, independent insight and delivery.

We have a proven track record in delivering FICO Debt Manager software systems, giving you better loss reduction, improved conduct outcomes and optimised operation performance.

Why choose FICO Debt Manager?

FICO Debt Manager is an automated solution that enables organisations that collect debt to successfully gain control of collection costs and increase profitability. With FICO Debt Manager you can increase collection revenue through collection process automation and gain insight into consumer data.

Powerful dashboards, reports and metrics increase productivity and performance and highlights areas of improvement with interactions being recorded, audited and analysed. FICO Debt Manager also improves compliance through policy implementation and documented actions.

Why choose Arum for your FICO Debt Manager Installation?

Arum are independent specialists in Debt Collections and Recovery systems, including FICO Debt Manager. Our expert knowledge of credit management and debt collections processes has enabled us to develop a diagnostic approach to FICO Debt Manager and Arum’s Professional Services Collections & Recoveries team includes Nick Walsh, who was previously FICO’s Director for Global Collections and Recoveries.

Our specialist services include

  • Existing systems review
  • Selecting and installing new or replacement systems
  • Maximising investment from current systems

We have worked with customers using FICO Debt Manager across the globe in sectors such as global banking; debt collections and utilities – to name a few.

Get Your Essential eBook: “Migrating to FICO Debt Manager 9 – What You Need to Know”

If you have an existing installation of FICO Debt Manager, download your essential eBook “Migrating to FICO DM9”, you’ll learn:

  • How to get your existing FICO Debt Manager system prepared for upgrading to DM9
  • Overcoming the complexity of migration just one existing Collections and Recoveries system or multiple systems; IT or End User Computing (EUC)
  • Understanding the data structure of the legacy Collections and Recoveries system

Improve your collections with the FICO Debt Manager Specialists – Arum

With increasing regulation in most areas of debt collections and recoveries, many organisations are struggling to understand how they can improve performance while making themselves efficiently compliant. We work with our clients to help them achieve their strategic vision using FICO Debt Manager.

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If you’re thinking of implementing a new FICO Debt Manager system, upgrading an existing system to DM9 or just want more out of your current installation, contact us and one of our FICO Debt Manager specialists will be happy to help.