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Whether it’s choosing and investing in a new debt collections system or accessing the market prior to engaging with a vendor, it is important to consider what factors are significant to your organisation and ultimately how the decision will be driven.

As vendor, agnostic consultants specialising in debt collections and recoveries, we have experience throughout all aspects of the vendor selection process and have supported a number of collection and recoveries system processes for our clients.

Selecting a Suitable Vendor

Getting debt collection system selection right is an important decision to make, one that typically organisations live with for 5-10 years. This is why it is important to set up a well-defined selection process.

Historically, the collections and recoveries systems market has been dominated by a small number of established vendors with very similar offerings in terms of functionality, technology and price. The landscape has changed in the last few years and there is much choice and functionality available in the market, meaning organisations can get a better deal and solution that is a better fit to their business requirements.

Why choose Arum for selecting a suitable vendor/supplier for a debt collections and recoveries system?

When conducting a market intelligence assessment, Arum analyses the factors that are significant to the organisation. We are constantly researching, reviewing and engaging with new and established vendors for consideration in both our internal and client’s knowledge base.

As vendor agnostic and independent consultants, we have worked on over 75 system implementation and change projects, ensuring that our knowledge is used to our client’s best interests.

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Getting system selection right is important as the consequences of a poor selection could be a millstone around the neck of collection and recoveries function for 5-10 years.

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Choosing a Debt Collection System with Selection Specialists – Arum

Arum are entirely independent and vendor agnostic which is why many organisations engage with us early in the selection process. With over 75 system implementation and change projects, we have the ability to assess an organisations key fundamental collection system capabilities and prioritise these in line with the business’ vision.

We host an internal webinar series which is a forum for technology providers to pitch their innovative solutions to our expert team. This is one of the channels that keeps us up to date with what is available on the market.

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If you’re thinking of implementing a new debt collection system, upgrading an existing system or just want more out of your current installation, contact us and one of our System Selection Specialists will be happy to help.