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If you’re looking to optimise your existing Experian Tallyman Collections and Recoveries software or implementing a new Experian Tallyman system, Arum are specialists in end-to-end, independent delivery and insight.

Arum have a breadth of experience in delivering Experian Tallyman software systems, helping businesses improve cash-flow, optimise collections and maximise operational performance.

Why choose Experian Tallyman?

Experian Tallyman is a flexible and agile collections and recoveries software system that allows businesses to meet their challenges through a more streamlined collections process.

The Experian Tallyman system can help businesses improve cash flow and reduce bad debt charge through a more streamlined Collection and Recoveries  processes. Experian Tallyman can be used to drive dynamic change in an agile business environment, allowing businesses to test and learn and drive change with a number of projects in parallel.

Third party IT systems can also be integrated with Experian Tallyman, allowing businesses to import data from; billing, customer management and decision engines, as well as exporting data to data warehouses, document management systems and multiple supported software solutions.

Why choose Arum for your Experian Tallyman Installation?

Arum are independent specialists in Debt Collections and Recovery systems, including Experian Tallyman. We have expert knowledge of credit management and debt collections processes and a breadth of experience in new implementations, upgrades, change requests and performance analysis.

Our specialist services include:

  • Existing Experian Tallyman systems review
  • Systems Selection
  • Installing new or replacement systems
  • Migration from one system to another
  • Maximising investment from current systems

We have worked  across the globe with customers using Experian Tallyman in sectors such as global banking; debt collections and utilities – to name a few.

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  • Introduction to Tallyman – The Collection and Recoveries System
  • How Tallyman can help reduce bad debt charge and improve cash flow
  • How Tallyman can enhance the customer experience
  • Key considerations when installing or upgrading a Tallyman System

Streamline your collections with the Experian’s Tallyman Specialists – Arum

With increasing regulation in most areas of debt collections and recoveries, many organisations are struggling to understand how they can improve performance while making themselves efficiently compliant. We work with our clients to help them achieve their strategic vision using Experian Tallyman.

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