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COVID-19 revenues recovery strategy support

Across Local Government, the impact and response to the COVID-19 situation has resulted in:

  • considerable focus on the disbursement of business grants
  • a substantial increase in inbound traffic (voice and correspondence) with significant increase in benefit referrals
  • suspension of all enforcement activity.

In many cases, the Revenues teams have supported the response, and indeed many have suspended all activity in relation to the collection of Council Tax and Business Rates.

With a large amount of uncertainty around the impacts of COVID-19 on residents, albeit a likely-unprecedented increase in customer vulnerability, how will this unravel and what is the process to ensure Local Authorities can manage?

Our experts have developed a playbook to help you navigate your way out of this crisis

We have written this playbook to assist Officers and Elected Members involved in the collection of Council Tax and National Non-Domestic Rates (Business Rates) to present some considerations and space to capture your own thoughts as we all try to navigate out of the crisis and the longer-term impacts begin to surface. You can request your free copy below.

We’re here to help and support you through these challenging times. We can share ideas and complete a COVID Sprint Assessment to create a plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

Get your copy of the COVID-19 Revenues Recovery Strategy Playbook 

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