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Why Arum .

Our methodology

Where appropriate, our client consulting engagements involve these stages: Discover, Define, and Deliver.

We’ve been successfully employing and refining this methodology across all our service areas and industries for the past two decades to ensure that we always deliver our clients’ visions on time and on budget.

See below details on each stage.


This initial stage focuses on understanding our client’s vision and requirements. We analyse their objectives and current situation, utilising experience, information, knowledge, skills, benchmarks, and pre-existing IP.


Once we fully understand our client’s business, needs, and what they’re looking to achieve, we can help to define the steps to achieve their vision, or even help to create that vision. We will then agree a roadmap for success, including development of the business case.

At this point we provide a comprehensive report covering all of our analysis and recommendations from both the Discover and Define stages.


This stage is where we deliver everything agreed in the business case. Working closely with our clients throughout, we develop and manage the detailed transformation plan, execute and complete the project, then finally test the outcomes to ensure they have achieved the vision set out earlier.

Depending on the scope of the project, it can also involve smaller additional Discover and Define stages.