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Our team .

Extensive expertise

Over the past 20 years at Arum we’ve built up a strong team with extensive expertise across various areas. Not only are our practitioners experienced consultants, but they’re in a unique position to be able to understand our clients’ particular business challenges because many have previously held similar responsibilities client-side.

The range of experience – from senior thought leaders with an average of 30 years’ experience to consultants with less than 10 years’ experience – means that we can offer teams tailored to clients’ needs.

As well as outstanding subject matter experts, the Arum team possess a range of other skills and experience that will add significant value to your organisation.  These include multi-lingual capability and experience of working in over 50 countries.

Jamie Waller
Jamie Waller is a British entrepreneur, philanthropist and investor. He has worked in financial services since 1998 and previously built, managed and sold many businesses in the credit and debt space. Jamie led the acquisition of Arum in 2017.
Andrew Pritchard
Managing Director
Andrew is accountable for all consulting and service delivery to Arum clients. With nearly 20 years’ experience in consulting, he has helped many organisations throughout the UK and Europe. Andrew has worked with Arum since 2004 and has been a major contributor to its growth and success. He is responsible for setting the direction and evolution of the Arum consulting methodology, with his primary focus being to ensure that all Arum clients receive the most up-to-date thinking along with practical and pragmatic support.
Jonathan Dunn
Jonathan heads up Arum’s Account Management, Business Development and Marketing functions across all business practices. His primary focus is working with clients to identify and deliver positive change and improvements. Having worked at Arum for nearly 10 years, Jonathan has been responsible for managing all major clients and has played a key role in Arum’s development and growth over this period.
Katarzyna Haczek
Financial Controller
Katarzyna’s role encompasses the accounting, monitoring and implementation of financial controls in Arum. Before joining Arum, Katarzyna worked in various accounting roles in Poland, Denmark and the UK. She is currently responsible for the preparation of management accounts, forecasts and budgets as well as overall control of Arum finances.