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Arum’s customer experience (CX) excellence assessment is a flexible programme of support tailored to your organisation’s needs, to help your organisation maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of its capabilities.

Arum will undertake a holistic review of your collections and recoveries activities through the lens of the customer experience – what it “feels” to be a customer of yours.

Our analysis will identify areas where your organisation can improve its interaction with customers and avoid common pitfalls (e.g. confusing communications, excessive online clicks, circular IVR and many more). Arum will provide a set of recommendations to help you align your goals with industry best practice.


Case Study

Multimillion-pound benefits for retail bank

Case Study

Uplift in payments following new collections strategy and processes

Case Study

6-month transformation plan to improve government collections operation

Case Study

General needs portfolio review - identifying £1.5m revenue per annum

Case Study

New customer services vision for energy supplier

Case Study

Operational improvement for global bank


Arum awarded 'Best Global Credit Management Services Provider 2019'

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