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Arum’s experienced team will support your organisation in making better data-driven decisions to deliver real benefits within your organisation. Typical engagements include:

Portfolio Analysis

Arum will perform a deep dive-review on your debt portfolios to identify any causes of trending or unexpected changes. Whether it’s tracking and identifying the reasons behind portfolio deterioration, identifying general performance improvements, tracking portfolio mix change, or even establishing a stable baseline for implementing change – we have the right people to help. You’ll receive a detailed projected impact analysis with remedial options.

Data Sources

Arum will help you to maximise the benefit from the internal and external data:

  • Review what data you have today and how you can best use it
  • Help you to identify highly beneficial new sources of data which can be easily integrated within your existing systems
  • Quickly put in place sources/strategies/functions which will benefit you today, and aid your future growth into the future
  • Check for full regulatory compliance throughout
  • Always match your specific needs to the most suitable data providers, taken from our extensive network

Data modelling

Arum will help you by creating data models to apply to your collections decisions:

  • Fully leverage your data assets, helping refine your workflows
  • Leverage advanced analytics, from both internal and external data sources
  • Safely evolve and translate your decisioning needs with more advanced and technical solutions


Case Study

Increase in payments and reduced costs following collections process improvements

Case Study

Target operating model for public sector

Case Study

Revenue increasing performance reports

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