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Our highly skilled and experienced team, who intimately understand the operational function of credit/debt departments, will ensure you have all the necessary regulatory controls in place to avoid financial or reputational penalties, as well as providing the best customer outcomes possible.

Careful evolution is key in managing risk of change in collections and recoveries, as is maintaining confidence in your people and procedures. Implementing adequate checks and balances is essential. Our people have extensive experience in delivering these controls providing you with that necessary certainty in your operation.

We will:

  • review your existing framework to enable regulatory compliance
  • design comprehensive and crucially automatic measures ensuring your representatives and your systems adhere to your policies and standards
  • leverage our unique mix of business expertise and our advanced modelling skills to build the most sophisticated monitoring facilities - keeping you and your business on-track at all times
  • help implement early detection so that you can detect problems sooner, isolate the source quickly, and put remedies in place long before your customers are impacted.
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