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Ofcom updates regulations around dealing with customer complaints 12 OCTOBER 2018

Ofcom updates regulations around dealing with customer complaints

The General Conditions of Entitlement (General Conditions) are the regulatory conditions published by the UK communications regulator Ofcom. In December 2016 Ofcom began consulting on changes to the General Conditions and revised rule changes have replaced existing rules, effective 1st October 2018.

What are the rule changes?

Revised rules have been introduced to deal with a stronger approach to complaints, nuisance calls and calling line identification, amongst others.

Of particular note, there is a call for an increased focus on vulnerable customers, with telecoms providers having to introduce policies that will consider the specific needs of these customers and ensure they are fairly and appropriately treated.

Learning from experience in other industries

Vulnerability has been a hot topic in other industries for a while now. The FCA published a paper about dealing with customer vulnerability in financial services in 2015, and dealing with vulnerable customers is now a relatively mature process in many financial services organisations and some utility companies. For example, various water utilities liaise regularly with local authorities to identify vulnerable customers and to proactively make contact with them to ensure they are being treated appropriately.

Telecoms companies have been lagging in this area, but there is no need to reinvent the wheel. There are plenty of learnings from other industries that can help telecoms providers shortcut to effective vulnerability policies, strategies and approaches.

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