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Avoid regulatory penalties and increase efficiency of your Wayleaves and Property Rentals process by 300%

Legacy solutions that maintain Wayleaves agreements and property leases could be putting you at risk of non-compliance and decreasing your efficiency through manually intensive processes and error-prone reporting.


Arum’s Wayleaves & Rentals V10 solution mitigates the risks of legacy infrastructure, costly support models and regulatory penalties which can be up to 10% of company turnover. Our clients have also seen at least 300% efficiency gains on the most common tasks performed.

Key features

  • Centralised data repository
  • Single customer payment view
  • Logical workflows
  • Controlled access levels for different user
  • Easy to navigate groups
  • Advanced search facilities
  • Various payment intervals
  • Additional payment processing (e.g. supplementary or halted payment)
  • Ability to post payment information to the central finance system
  • Full audit trail
  • Comprehensive and customisable reporting meeting regulatory requirements
  • Allows connections to complementary systems (e.g. GIS, data management)
  • Self-service options for grantors and landlords
  • Hosted or on-premise.


Why Arum?

  • Arum’s Wayleaves & Rentals solutions have been supporting clients for 20 years.
  • We have a deep understanding of the utilties sector, having worked with the top 20 organisations to drive innovation and digitisation.
  • Our commitment to continuousdevelopment helps clients meet changing and challenging operational demands in the most optimised and efficient ways.

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