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If you’re wondering what it might be like to join Arum you can read here about the induction, training and work experience of three of our senior analysts –  Ola, Newsha and Ross – who joined us in 2015.

My Experience as a New Arum Analyst

Hi.  My name is Ola.  I’m a Senior Analyst and would love to tell you about my experience as a new employee of Arum.

Before joining Arum, I had explored many different industries and company types.  I held positions in Customer service, IT desktop support, and IT systems analysis.  I worked in Banking, Oil & Gas, and Manufacturing.  Prior to joining Arum, I was working as a System Analyst and whilst I enjoyed my job, I was itching for more. I had always wanted to work in a role that involved end to end implementation of multiple IT projects and so when I saw the vacancy advertised by Arum I knew I was definitely going to give it a shot.

The hiring process was quite unique and for me, very enjoyable. The main aspect that stood out for me was the pride with which everyone on the panel spoke about Arum. It was obvious they weren’t just trying to sell the role to us, they seemed to really enjoy working there and being part of its success story. I remember thinking, “Even if I don’t get the job, I have definitely learnt a lot with this experience.” Luckily, I got the job.

I joined Arum in August 2015 – without the slightest idea of what the Collections & Recoveries space did or meant. All I knew was I was ready for a new experience – and oh, what an experience it has been.

The induction experience was intense – really intense. Whilst I had an understanding of the project lifecycle and IT systems in general, CnR systems were a different ball game. The training programme at Arum had anticipated this and was well prepared for new analysts. The various sessions (over a span of four weeks) consisted of documentation and a practical overview of the main credit management systems as well as weekly practice exercises to help analysts get to grips with the concepts better. At the end of the training, each analyst had an end of training task to put all the knowledge gained to test.

Then came the next step – being assigned to a project and working onsite for clients. Again, Arum was well prepared for this. Being new, I was placed on a project where I had a lot of support from other Arum team members project-wise and personally. My days were spent working hard to exceed client expectations, but I also got to let down my hair in the evenings over dinner (or drinks) with my fab team members. Travelling and working away from home week after week is never easy – but having a job you thoroughly enjoy and working with a great team makes all the difference.

It has been 2+ years with Arum, and it has been an absolutely enjoyable experience so far. It is so refreshing to work for a company and have managers that are invested in your professional and personal growth. With Arum, what you see is what you get. We are personal, professional and always positive – to colleagues and clients alike.

I have grown in many ways since I joined Arum – from analyst to senior analyst, with multiple certifications, a vast knowledge of credit management systems as well as an understanding of client management. I am so excited for the next phase of my growth as well as being a continued part of Arum’s success story.

Ola Akanni – Senior Analyst


Why joining Arum has been good for me

My name is Newsha Nosrati and I’m from Iran. Born and raised in Tehran, I lived there for 25 years of my life where I studied Mathematics and Physics major in high school and achieved two international diplomas in IT. In December 2007, I left Iran for Malaysia to study Information Systems in the Faculty of Computer Science on Lancaster University Campus and in July 2011 I graduated with a Bachelor degree.

While looking for related jobs in my field of study, I taught English for two years and it was during that time I met my other half, Martin, and in 2013 we decided to leave Malaysia and move to Europe to be nearer both our families. We got married in April 2014 in Martin’s home country of Slovakia and enjoyed six months of a very beautiful spring and summer thinking what was next for us.

I faced a big challenge to find a job in Slovakia due to the language barrier and as a result we decided that an English-speaking country would offer more opportunities, so we moved to Edinburgh in September 2014. I spent the first eight months working in retail as a customer service agent and at the same time I was looking for graduate positions related to my field of study.

It was on Adopt an Intern website that I found the Arum job advertisement for an analyst role and after a successful interview I joined Arum in September 2015.

During my induction and initial program I got to learn about the collection and recovery industry, went through some DM9 general knowledge and getting to know more about Arum’s world through their digital knowledge base and meeting with Arum people. Once I had successfully completed my initial program I was ready join my first client site as a member of the business system development support team to support DM9, DM6 and CACS applications.

However, to be able to do the job and getting a grasp of how things work, there is a lot to learn and that’s the fascinating aspect of this job. I have found Arum a stimulating team to be part of and what appeals to me the most is that everyone in the company is approachable no matter of their rank or position. Arum consists of intellectual, talented and friendly people who share great knowledge and experience in a wide range of subjects and, more importantly, they are always willing to give their support and point me in the right direction.

As a consultant you have to accept that the job involves travelling and, for the first six months, I was traveling to the client site before I was relocated closer to home. However, there were agreements for us to be on site for only three weeks out of four and to work from home on Fridays, so it really helped my work/life balance during that time.

Working within a team where we are not sharing the same location doesn’t mean that we are not in touch. We have a chatroom set up and use Webex for team calls during the week which are open to any discussion. All this comes in extremely useful when people are not geographically in the same place and allows us to feel that we are all part of the same team.

Two years on from my induction I can truly say that I made an excellent decision in joining Arum for my career, my personal development and my work/life balance.

Newsha Nosrati – Senior Analyst


What I enjoy about working at Arum

My name is Ross Alexander and I’m a Senior Analyst at Arum.

After studying Psychology and Sociology at the University of Stirling, I worked as a Resource Planner, and then a Capacity Planner for Sky.

I developed a great interest in Data Analysis from my degree, my favourite part being statistics and the analysis of large datasets. From my time at Sky, I developed an interest in how their systems worked, with the job having a small analytical role, amongst other tasks.

The opportunity to join Arum and work as a System Analyst was a perfect fit. The initial appeal was that the work seemed to be very varied on a day to day basis, and would eventually involve more than one client. The job description made reference to the role involving presentations, and I saw it as a good opportunity to develop and use presentation skills in a way that I did not have the chance to before. Project work was also a part of the job that I was interested in, as the idea of working on a piece of work from start to finish, using the software development process, appealed to me greatly. The opportunity to travel was also an attractive aspect of the role.

My induction process lasted six weeks before my first project, with several other graduates in the same position. I used this time to learn SQL, but what I really wanted was to get involved with the work. On project, it can be slow progress at first in getting engaged with some of the more interesting pieces of work, but in time it picks up and you begin to be more involved, starting to “own” pieces of work.

Having only worked for the company for two years, I have already had placements in Hove, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Rosyth, as well as working from my own home. I consider this a lot of places given the short period of time I have been with Arum, and feel it reflects the varied nature of the job.  I particularly enjoyed my three or so months spent in Hove (in a Brighton hotel). Meeting colleagues after work was a regular occurrence, and I found myself using my evenings to help me get healthy (at the hotel gym most nights). The chance to work in other cities in the UK is always interesting and enjoyable.

It’s clear that Arum aims to employ people who are very approachable, and I feel that this shows on client site. The approach to work is also generally quite flexible, with suggestions taken on board regarding location/travel and other matters.

Many days on client site start with not knowing what you could be working on that day, and tasks rarely get repetitive or boring. Occasionally the opportunity arises to step out of your comfort zone and get involved with work that is quite new or scary. I feel that personal development chances like this would not be possible without Arum’s flexible approach to work.

Ross Alexander – Senior Analyst