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Successful first-time debt sale and implementation of longer-term strategy

Successful first-time debt sale and implementation of longer-term strategy

"Nick did an amazing job in supporting both a back-book debt and flow sale. He provided both hands on support as well as strategic direction, which meant my team and I could focus on our day jobs and the material items of each deal. He worked closely with me and my team to enable us to gain expertise and with all stakeholders to achieve a brilliant result for all. He continues to be a trusted advisor to us."

Tom Bason, Finance Director


The challenge

Liberis had accumulated a back book of debt that they were no longer working and wanted to consider debt sale as a strategic tool in their collection process.  As this was the first time that debt sale was being considered, the goals were three-fold:

  1. Sell a back book of aged accounts
  2. Determine if debt sale was an economically viable strategy going forwards
  3. Determine where in the cycle a forward flow should be introduced

Liberis approached Nick as they were aware of his experience, knowledge and connections in the debt sale sector.

The solution

Using his in-depth knowledge and expertise of the debt sale market, Nick worked closely with the Liberis internal teams to:

  • Produce analysis and segmentation of the portfolio to build a framework to test the optimum point to make future sales
  • Build the business case framework to evaluate the sales prices offered
  • Segment the portfolio to optimise price and allow an evaluation of where in the process sale could be used going forwards
  • Produce a memorandum for sale that showcased the portfolio
  • Identify and engage with the appropriate purchasers for the portfolio
  • Manage the due diligence and sales process
  • Provide expert advice into the operational aspects of the contract to balance post sale operational issues, put backs and risk

The results

  • The first stock sale received a fair market price and the point at which future flow sales should be introduced was identified
  • Nick and the team ensured that there were minimal post-operational issues
  • We conducted a forward flow sale shortly after to set up a longer-term partnership with a purchaser

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