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Digital can transform your collections function 11 NOVEMBER 2021

Digital can transform your collections function

On Thursday 11 November, Arum, in partnership with the Credit Services Association (CSA), hosted a webinar about how digital can transform your collections function.


About this webinar

Speaker: Russell Robinson, Principal Consultant and Digital Specialist

Many organisations are already focused on achieving digital automation to improve the customer experience within collections but there is an acceptance post-COVID that digital must accelerate.

We spoke to industry leaders across financial services, utilities, and government, in the UK, mainland Europe and South Africa, to find out how it’s being used and what benefits people are seeing. Join this webinar to find out the key findings from our extensive research and how digital could help transform your collections function, including:

  • How evolved is the use of digital within collections
  • Benchmarking
  • Digital payments
  • Chatbots
  • Omnichannel vs multichannel
  • Data
  • Affordability

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