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Hear the latest insights from our Group Director of Debt Policy and Strategy, Steve Coppard, as he speaks to experts and shines a light on issues that impact the debt industry. Also available wherever you get your podcasts!

Podcast  |  21 March 2024

Podcast | 21 March 2024

S01 E10 - Podcasters' Perspectives and Predictions

In this special end of season episode, Steve has a cross industry discussion with three podcasters – a financial wellbeing mentor, a CEO in the third sector and the founder of a debt technology firm.

Podcast  |  23 January 2024

Podcast | 23 January 2024

S01 E09 - NHS England and Unhealthy Debt

Steve Coppard meets with Katherine Francis-Browne, the Income Delivery Lead at NHS England. As the NHS is free at the point of use, debt is not the first thing that comes to mind, however any organisation dealing with any financial transactions has the capacity to create debt.

Podcast  |  14 December 2023

Podcast | 14 December 2023

S01 E08 - Deven Ghelani and Who Benefits?

In this episode, Steve Coppard speaks to Deven Ghelani from Policy in Practice, a social policy, software and analytics company supporting businesses and local authorities to better analyse the impact of policy and those affected. Their recently published research found there is £19bn worth of unclaimed benefits every year in the UK.

Podcast  |  22 November 2023

Podcast | 22 November 2023

S01 E07 - Registry Trust and the Data Dilemma

For our latest episode, Steve visits Lex Jones and Chris Dick at the Registry Trust. The Registry Trust was established to maintain the official statutory, register of judgements, orders and fines for England and Wales on behalf of the Ministry of Justice, and it maintains similar registers for Scotland. Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man, and Jersey by agreement with the relevant authorities there.

Podcast  |  03 November 2023

Podcast | 03 November 2023

S01 E06 - Mark Francis and Debt Collection in New Zealand

For this episode, Steve speaks with Mark Francis from DebtManagers in New Zealand. Mark is one of the leading voices in the debt conversation in New Zealand, pressing for better treatment of those in debt, and an industry code of practice amongst other things.

Podcast  |  12 October 2023

Podcast | 12 October 2023

S01 E05 - Jamie Waller and the Evolution of Enforcement

In this episode Steve meets with Jamie Waller, founder of JBW Group and the Enterprise Network at the Prince's Trust. Jamie’s the author of Unsexy Business and at a time of recording, he was in the midst of writing his new book, The Dyslexic Entrepreneur.

Podcast  |  24 August 2023

Podcast | 24 August 2023

S01 E04 - Rooted Finance and a Deep Dive into Diversity

In our fourth episode, Steve meets with Muna Yassin MBE from Rooted Finance, a specialist money and debt advice charity.

Podcast  |  27 July 2023

Podcast | 27 July 2023

S01 E03 - Johnson Tiles and B2B Debt Challenges

Steve Coppard meets with Andrew Hignett, credit control manager at Johnson Tiles, in the Potteries’ heartland of Stoke-on-Trent. Established in 1901, Johnson Tiles is the UK's only large-scale manufacturer of ceramic tiles.

Podcast  |  06 July 2023

Podcast | 06 July 2023

S01 E02 - Illegal Money Lending and stopping Loan Sharks

In this episode, Steve meets with Cath Wohlers from the Illegal Money Lending Team to talk about the nation’s efforts to Stop Loan Sharks.

Podcast  |  19 June 2023

Podcast | 19 June 2023

S01 E01 - Plain Numbers and Financial Literacy

In our premiere episode, Steve Coppard speaks with Ben Perkins, Head of Partnerships at Plain Numbers to discuss the UK's numeracy levels and the role companies play in supporting and communicating with their customers.

Podcast  |  07 March 2024

Podcast | 07 March 2024

S01 E00 - Debt Podcasters and their Industry Forecast

In our upcoming end of season finale, Steve Coppard meets with three money and debt experts who also have their own podcasts.

Podcast  |  12 June 2023

Podcast | 12 June 2023

S01 E00 - Trailer

Welcome to this brand new podcast from Arum (25 years helping organisations prevent and resolve problem debt) and Just (UK’s first enforcement market integrator).Join us every month to hear the latest insights from our Group Director of Debt Policy and Strategy, Steve Coppard, as he speaks to experts and shines a light on issues that impact the debt industry but might not be front and centre for some organisations, including the psychology of debt, fuel poverty, and financial literacy.

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