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We are global

We are global
“Our clients around the world have similar needs, but they face local regulations and challenges. We are delighted to be helping our clients and their customers worldwide.”
Matt Trueman, Managing Director

We are experts in collections and recoveries - globally.

We have 25 years of experience working in 23 countries around the world 

Our headquarters are in the UK, and we currently operate in the US, Europe, Middle-East, Australia, and New Zealand. We have a physical presence in the UK and Australasia, with associates in other countries.

We are the leading independent provider of collections and recoveries advisory, delivery, and managed services 

Top government, banking and financial services, utilities, and telecom brands trust Arum's experts. We help them to improve their collections technology, practices, and customer treatment. 

We can work with you wherever you are in the world

Our team can help clients remotely, onsite, or with a blended approach to meet your needs. We've successfully implemented and adapted models for hundreds of clients.

 Discuss your needs with our team 

Who have we worked with across the world?

These are some examples of clients we've helped worldwide. View all clients and partners.



Case Study

Major transformation programme for European debt purchaser and servicer

Case Study

Debt purchaser entering new markets

Case Study

Accelerated debt technology options analysis for global servicer

Case Study

Automating a major regulatory change in Ireland

Case Study

Meeting Irish banking compliance regulations

Case Study

Major Debt Manager upgrade with global bank

Case Study

Operational improvement for global bank


Comparing Australian, New Zealand and UK problem debt solutions


A tale of two policies – similarities between Australia’s Online Compliance Intervention and the UK’s HMRC-Concentrix contract


Overcoming global challenges in collections resourcing


Arum awarded 'Best Global Credit Management Services Provider 2019'

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