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Are you experiencing any of these common technology challenges? 5 DECEMBER 2017

Are you experiencing any of these common technology challenges?
  • Core platform needs replacing? The current platform does not have the flexibility to achieve your vision for customer treatment in collections or the technology is no longer supported?
  • Existing technology implementation project not going to plan? You are in the middle of an existing technology implementation and are nervous about the timescales and output quality.
  • Not getting maximum value out of the technology you have already invested in? You think that there is functionality available that is not being used and you need that potential to be unlocked.
  • Resistant to introduce new add-on technology due to the integration issues and operational impact? Not sure how the add-on solutions such as self-serve, advanced decisioning, AI and robotics would fit into your current technology ecosystem.
  • Not 100% sure the technology is setup compliantly? With CONC, OFCOM, IFRS9, GDPR to consider it is difficult for you to have full confidence that all the different technologies are supporting a fully compliant operation.

Arum are technology specialists and have a suite of propositions designed to help organisations tackle the challenges above. Arum ensure that technology supports positive customer outcomes whilst increasing cash collections and reducing operational cost.

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