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Delivery as a Service (DaaS)

Delivery as a Service (DaaS)
“Once your system is live, costs can be unpredictable as you might not know when you’ll need to simply continue with BAU or when you’ll want to make bigger changes. We offer a model that will flex with your needs."
Hasib Ahmed, Lead Consultant


Going live with a new collections system is only the start of the journey. Once you're up and running, you'll need a team to manage and improve the system, as well as support ongoing change needs. 

Creating a support team for a complex collection system is hard as resource is scarce and expensive. It’s also tricky to create the right-sized team to support both BAU as well as projects, as team size needs flex up and down. 

We have supported many clients after their system launches. We have experience with various software systems. These systems include C&R Software / FICO Debt Manager, Experian PowerCurve Collections, CGI CACS X, Exus EFS, Flexys Control+, Telrock Systems Optimus, Qualco QCR, and Tietoevry Collection Suite Nova as well as many others. 

We can provide a team to support your system at a price that is comparable to building your own team. Our experts can help you to: 

  • Enhance the system from the minimum viable product (MVP) 
  • Make changes quickly and accurately 
  • Flex resource based on peaks (e.g. during projects) and troughs (e.g. managing BAU) 
  • Accurately forecast future change projects 
  • Stabilise the system 
  • Resolve outstanding business incidents and product backlogs 

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Our depth of experience and proven track record means you’ll get: 

  • Support with regulatory change 
  • Accurate forecasting and prioritisation of change needs 
  • A continuous improvement culture with champion challenger test and learn 
  • Faster results and changes 
  • Fewer errors and reworks  
  • Decreased costs  
  • Flexible resourcing options 
  • No hassle of managing the project in-house, freeing up your team to focus on BAU 
  • De-risked process 
  • Better customer experience  
  • Access to a team of experts with specialist technology skills  

Discuss your needs with our team

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