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System upgrade and release management

System upgrade and release management
“Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing collections system, or you’re working on monthly releases for a cloud native platform, we can help."
Andrea Brodie, Lead Consultant


Not all collections system upgrades are equal. Some are simply an update to the current version (especially with cloud native providers which are on a near constant release cycle), and others require a full rip-out and replace. It’s important to know what to expect from your upgrade path. 

In the past 25 years, we've handled many projects on various systems. These systems include C&R Software / FICO Debt Manager, Experian PowerCurve Collections, CGI CACS X, Exus EFS, Flexys Control+, Telrock Systems Optimus, Qualco QCR, and Tietoevry Collection Suite Nova as well as many others. 

Our experts can handle the entire project or provide additional support for your team. We can do this remotely, in-person or a hybrid. This always ensures a smooth project and no disruption to daily operations. 

Arum can help you with: 

  • Pre-implementation tasks and building the right team 
  • Systems and workflow mapping 
  • Data cleanse, data architecture, and business requirement documentations 
  • Migration approach, hosting strategy and service model 
  • Reviewing and refining your business case 
  • Programme planning 
  • Lessons learned incorporated in plans and risks 
  • Migration and state-to-state design 
  • Regression testing 
  • Leveraging modern user interface and experiences like Debt Manager FitAgent and PCC Strategy Design Studio 
  • Migrations and conversions of decision engines like FICO Drools and Blaze 

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By working with us to upgrade your collections system, you will: 

  • Go-live sooner 
  • Realise ROI more quickly 
  • Keep costs down 
  • Remove the hassle of managing the project in-house, freeing up your team to focus on BAU 
  • De-risk the process 
  • Gain access to a team of experts with specialist technology skills 
  • Experience fewer errors, reworks and delays 
  • Improve your customer experience 
  • Reduce regulatory or compliance incidents

 Discuss your needs with our team


Case Study

Debt management system implementation for Scottish bank

Case Study

Migration from Tallyman system for major UK retailer completed within six months

Case Study

UK retail bank system migration

Case Study

Major Debt Manager upgrade with global bank

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