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Introducing change into Experian Tallyman 10 MARCH 2017

Introducing change into Experian Tallyman

Experian Tallyman presents organisations with the opportunity to introduce change in an agile environment to ensure the business is compliant and remaining ahead of the game. New processes, when implemented correctly, can unlock potential increased revenue, greater staff productivity and a better customer experience.

Arum has the ability to design and build new solutions within existing Tallyman implementations; we can support or lead the end to end lifecycle from initiation, requirements gathering, solution design, implementation through to post go-live support.

The approach we take is simple – we want to understand your requirements, vision and existing implementation which would be used to feed into high and low-level design documentation, ensuring we deliver a solution which exceeds your expectations.

We believe that some of the key considerations of a Tallyman project, no matter how big or small the scope is, are:

  • Requirements – Clearly defined requirements ensure any change applied to Tallyman is successful.
  • Solution Design – High-level design documentation should be made available, providing the business with comfort that expectations have been met. Low level-documentation should also be created and used to develop the solution within Tallyman Configuration, bringing your Tallyman team along the journey to ensure a high level of understanding is retained within the business.
  • Training – Users need to be made aware of any pending change to ensure the customer experience is not negatively impacted. Incorrect understanding brings the risk of effecting not only the customer experience, but potentially impacting overall Collections performance.
  • Testing – Needless to say this is key to ensuring all changes are implemented into Tallyman with minimal risk and meeting all aspects of expectation from the design.
  • Post Go-Live Support and Monitoring – Any change should be monitored post go-live to ensure there are no negative impacts to the operation and to realise the benefits after the change has been introduced.

Tallyman configuration has the potential to meet complex business requirements; nothing is impossible given how flexible the system is. Arum have consultants with Tallyman experience and a breadth of knowledge in new system implementations, upgrades, change requests and performance analysis.

If your business uses Experian Tallyman or is considering doing so, please contact us and find out how we can help.

Gary Best, Senior Consultant

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