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What is the Tallyman Debt Collections and Recoveries System? 28 SEPTEMBER 2016

What is the Tallyman Debt Collections and Recoveries System?

As you probably know Arum specialise in debt collections and recoveries systems, one of the systems we have worked with is Experian’s Tallyman.

Tallyman is one of the market leading Collections and Recoveries systems used across a number of industries including Banking, Utilities, Telecommunications and Automotive Finance in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India and Australia to name but a few. It was introduced to the market in the 1980s by Sanderson CFL Ltd before being purchased by Talgentra Ltd in 2002, it was later sold to Experian in 2007.

Experian have made a number of significant changes to the product in recent years with the latest version, Tallyman 3.9, available from Q4 2015. Experian have also introduced variants to the market providing pre-configured solutions for retail banks, known as Tallyman for Retail Banking and another called Tallyman EasyStart; a hosted end to end Collections solution.

The Tallyman system can help to improve cash flow and reduce bad debt charge through streamlining C&R processes, well-defined user experience and lead into sophisticated Management Information.

The product can be used to drive dynamic change in an agile business environment, allowing businesses to test and learn and drive change with a number of projects in parallel.

Any number of external IT systems can be integrated with Tallyman, allowing businesses import data from billing systems, customer management systems and decision engines as well as exporting data to data warehouses, document management systems and any other in-scope software solutions.

Altering or creating strategies within Tallyman can be achieved using the Configuration Tool, change can be propagated into a test environment before implementing to a live Production environment. Tallyman manages this process slightly differently across a number of versions however the principles remain the same.

Arum have consultants with Tallyman experience and a breadth of knowledge in new implementations, upgrades, change requests and performance analysis.

If your organisation uses Tallyman or is considering doing so, then please contact us to find out how we can help you.

Gary Best, Senior Consultant

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