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Whitepaper: 10 predictions on the future of collections and recoveries 2 OCTOBER 2019

Whitepaper: 10 predictions on the future of collections and recoveries

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The credit industry has changed over the last two decades due to the financial crash in 2008, subsequent introduction of new regulations, and the emergence of disruptive technologies.

For 21 years, Arum has been helping creditors navigate this landscape by transforming and building Best in Class collections operations, which are fit for purpose and aligned to regulations and customer channel preferences.

But what does the future of collections hold? Chris Warburton, one of our credit experts, has put forward 10 predictions, as well as advice for keeping ahead of what’s to come!


About the author

Chris has been with Arum since 2016 and leads the Credit, Collections and Data Pillar helping top UK and global businesses leverage data to improve strategy, performance and enhance control.


His background over the last 20+ years includes extensive experience in multiple industries and markets, completing regular advisory work across the customer lifecycle.

Data-minded and people orientated, Chris has considerable experience client side having previously held senior roles such as: VP Risk Operations at American Express, VP Billing Credit and Collections at Bell Canada and Head of UK Collections at Barclaycard. 

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