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Whitepaper: Are you ready for the new Breathing Space moratorium legislation coming in May 2021? 4 DECEMBER 2020

Whitepaper: Are you ready for the new Breathing Space moratorium legislation coming in May 2021?

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Think the new Breathing Space moratorium legislation is the same as previous FCA regulations? Think again.

A new 60-day Breathing Space moratorium comes into force on 4 May 2021 across all debt type and industries.

We're already working with creditors on implementing the necessary changes, and it's very different to anything that's come before. You'll need to adapt your processes, interfaces and systems to include: matching customer details, placing customers on moratorium hold, halting actions and communications, and implementing new processes. Time is running out.

How can you ensure you're compliant? Our consultants have written a guide for you to stay prepared for the new legislations coming in May 2021.



About the authors

Mike, Dominick and Ross have been engaged with a major UK retail bank implementing necessary changes for the new Breathing Space legislation. They have been working through the impacts, requirements, end-to-end design, customer journey, low level system designs and build required across multiple different products and systems.


Darren and Forid have been involved in assessments of the revenue collection capabilities of several Local Authorities, and their experience have been invaluable in helping these Authorities achieve rapid improvements by utilising tried and tested methodologies from other industry sectors.

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