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Roshni – Analyst

Roshni – Analyst

Roshni Thapa – Analyst


The beginning of my career

While studying Mathematics at the University of Kent, I worked as a maths tutor, so I decided to continue this as a full-time job after graduating.

Although I enjoyed teaching and interacting with students, I knew I wanted to explore the FinTech sector, as I enjoyed the statistics and data analysis areas of my university degree. So, I decided to pursue my Master’s in Data Science.

My first year at Arum

I joined Arum in September 2021 as an analyst. What captivated me about Arum was that the work seemed to be very varied day-to-day, and there were opportunities to work with more than one client, as Arum provides a wide range of services for various industries.

I joined my first project after a 3-week induction. During my induction period, I learned all about the system I was going to be working on and had the opportunity to meet the wider Arum team. It can take time for a project to pick up pace, but when it does, there are always new learning opportunities, and you get to be more involved with the project.

So far, I’ve had the opportunity to build and unit test various configurations. I am also involved in uplifting the environment for my squad, where we must make sure that the environments we are using are up to date with the latest release. In the future, I look forward to getting more involved in the designing side of the configurations.

Why I love working at Arum

Joining Arum during the height of the COVID pandemic was difficult, but the team’s willingness to travel and work face-to-face as much as possible has been a great help. One of the things I love about Arum is how everyone is so supportive and approachable. During my first year here, I have learnt all about the system and received constant support and guidance from my senior, which has helped me grow in my role.

During the first few months of my first project, some more experienced team members took time to upskill the new analysts and helped us to familiarise ourselves with the client’s system. It was immensely appreciated and shows that Arum colleagues are always willing to go the extra mile for their team members.

I am excited to get involved with different clients and work on various projects. I look forward to building my career and seeing what the future holds for me at Arum. It has been a great experience to be part of Arum so far.

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