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Vrnda – Analyst

Vrnda – Analyst

Vrnda Vinod – Analyst


Starting my career

I completed my Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering from India and briefly worked as an Insights and Data Analyst intern at Capgemini, working with complex datasets, visualising data and gathering insights.

I found this type of work captivating, so I decided to pursue my Masters in Business Analytics with a specialisation in Finance from Kent Business School, as my long-term goal was to work in the FinTech sector.

My first year at Arum

I applied for the Analyst role at Arum in August 2021 and was impressed by how widespread the client portfolio was across various sectors ranging from financial services to telecomms. The opportunity to work from different client sites was something I was looking forward to when I first joined. I was equally delighted with how welcoming the team was during the onboarding process.

My training period was about 1.5 months and before I knew it, I started working on my first project with a well-known UK bank. During this period, I got the opportunity to leverage the acquired knowledge hands on and meet the wider Arum team. Once your project picks up, you tend to learn something new daily and encounter a new set of challenges.

During my second project, I designed workflows, tested, and built design configurations to introduce automation within systems that would enhance the existing manual process. As the work isn’t monotonous, it has helped me diversify my capabilities and enhance my skillset.

Why I love working at Arum

What makes the team work together efficiently is how everyone at Arum is supportive and is willing to help each other out. This optimistic approach is quite commendable and creates a positive working atmosphere. Learning about how the systems work and asking questions to my seniors has helped me grow immensely in my role.

Working on sites has helped me build closer relationships with clients which has, in turn, helped me increase my productivity to make smarter business decisions. It’s part of the Arum values to always go the extra mile to provide the clients with the best solution. This is a common mentality within the company, and it helps the employees succeed at what they do.

Employees are recognised for the work they deliver and when the effort pays off, it is quite rewarding. Even though you are working in a fast-paced environment, the flexibility of work at Arum is brilliant which helps in maintaining a good work-life balance.

I am excited to see what the future holds for me at Arum and the different projects I will work on, which will help me in my personal development. I couldn’t be more grateful to have started my career with Arum.


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